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In GnRHa triggered IVF cycles, as reported in a large retrospective study by Blazquez et al. (41) in oocyte donors, when EFS was encountered, a The study did not manifest the levels of post-trigger values predictive of EFS as the number of cases is too small and further larger studies are needed to...Jul 26, 2017 · So I'm trying to not be pessimistic. I have to trigger shot on Saturday night and then we go in Monday for the IUI. I'm nervous with only one follicle, and that its so big already. I get to worry now its going to ovulate before we do the trigger. I also get to worry that its too big. Hopefully not, the RE didn't seem to think so. Eggs from follicles measuring about 20mm at trigger have the highest *chance* of being mature, but that IVF (in vitro fertilization) looks to set as many of the variables and odds into our favour, and that is its 15th day of cycle and follicle size -23,24.5 ... are they too big? i had a ovulation injection...