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The azide ion n3 is isoelectronic with which of the following
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Understanding NLGI Grades can be a bit daunting to the average person. What does it mean when your grease has an NLGI Grade 00? In order to help the layman understand them, we've included a chart here that compares NLGI Grades to something everyone can relate to - food. Because of their one-hand operation, pistol-grip grease guns are easier to use for adding grease to hard-to-reach places than lever-grip guns. Grease guns with brass dispensing tip have a needle to penetrate seals and gaskets and to dispense grease to precise locations. Filler nipple (sold separately) is required to load guns using a bulk ... Parts may be our business - but grease, fuel, exhaust, power, and speed are what we live for. Today, more than 350 people are employed by JEGS and the business draws in hundreds of thousands of customers each year.